Went to Riverside church

Yesterday we went to Riverside Church to learn more about Easter. We all did a colouring in of a cross picture with flowers all around and Darrol will choose two of them, (the two people who he chooses will win a gigantic Easter egg!!) We had seven stages to learn about. In one of the stages we all had a piece of bread that represented Jesus body, and some juice that reprsented his blood. Joe said he liked this bit best as he was feeling pretty hungry. I liked best the bit where we washed our hands in warm water to rush out the feelings that we felt and the dryed them with a soft towel too. Some other people liked the part where we coloured in the pictures and lots like the bit Joe liked! Lily like the bit at the end where they told out the Easter story. Some people like the bit where you had to write about what God thought about you.



This is a picture of some of the children in Class 2 eating their bread and drinking their juice.

Aimee and Lily


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