Class 2 Rubies


Aidan and Owen are mixing red and yellow jelly to make orange jelly!


Bradley served red jelly.


The birds will enjoy the juicy soaked raisins from Hannah and Zak.


Daniel has done super home learning!  He made a rocket sculpture out of bread. We especially loved eating his chocolate crispy cakes.



The gloop felt very slippy in Isaac’s fingers.

This week Class 2 Rubies have been changing materials.  We have made jelly and other edible things. We have enjoyed doing this subject and we have had a lot of fun. In homework, we have made models. We would love to do it again very soon!   

Cory and Mae



Sophie used her own salt dough recipe to make a crocodile model.  You can try this at home too!


Louis made a ship in a bottle as his sculpture from home learning.  It even lights up!



Jack and the Beanstalk

100_4422  100_4418

100_4421 100_4419

Look what has grown in our classroom!

Little Diamonds have been learning about the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk – with a twist!  We planted some beans, watered the beans and a magic beanstalk has grown in our room next to Jack’s tumble down shack.  Do you know where it might lead us? 

Have a look at our stories and see if you can find out what happened. 




Burton Albion Sponsorship Day

On Friday 26th April Burton Albion came to school so that we could take part in a penalty shoot-out, there was a big inflatable goal post with holes in for us to try and kick the balls into. The whole school got chance to have a go, but we were the first ones to meet them all and Billy the mascot. The foot balls were a bit big and heavy for us but we all had a go and had lots of fun trying to get them through the goals. Claudia liked Billy because he kept climbing on the trim trail and Phoebe thought he was funny because he didn’t know where the ball had gone. Charlie, Dillon, Kieran and Liam all enjoyed it as it was about Football.
In the Afternoon the people from Burton Albion had to go but Miss McGrail very kindly said she would go in goal for the new afternoon nursery children to have a go. They all really enjoyed kicking the football and trying to score past her, some of them even managed to get a goal!!
We all had great fun and hope that they can come again soon, take a look at some of our pictures.

Little Gems – Foundation Stage 1