Super Heroes in Class 1

The Little Diamonds have been working hard this week.  We have read a story called Nat Fantastic.  He is a super hero! We have created some super hero pictures and words.  In our maths sessions we have been adding to find totals.  Well done Little Diamonds!



Foundation Stage Fun!

Our Little Gems have had a brilliant week this week with so many exciting activities.

We learnt about bones and fossils on Monday when working with a visiting scientist.

The children had a wonderful time at Thomas Land.  We all enjoyed the rides, the animals, the park and our picnic with friends.  Even the weather was great!

We had a super time with our new friends on Tuesday and Thursday morning, and we look forward to another session next week.

The Animal Lady came on Friday and shared her animals from Australia, including a kookaburra and a stick insect.  It was very exciting the children could even touch some of the creatures!


Tapping Rythmns!

The Little Gems have been learning to tap rythmns in school this term.  We use body percussion and instruments to help us keep the beat during singing.  Our Star Foundation activity this week supported this learning.


Bear Adventures!

The Little Gems are really enjoying their bear adventures.  We have travelled through the woods, had picnics and this week we went to the moon!  The children are really developing their imaginative ideas and creative skills.  Great learning Little Gems!

Honeybees and Butterflies!

This last few weeks the Little Gems have been learning about bees and butterflies.  We have had a great time moving, singing and creating these mini beasts.  We made honey biscuits and a fruit salad.  Well done trying new foods Little a Gems!


The Gingerbread Man

The Little Gems have been learning the story of The Gingerbread Man.  They can sequence the story and use puppets to retell the story with friends. We talked about the different characters, nobody likes the sly fox!  The children enjoyed decorating gingerbread men today.


Ash End Farm Visit

The Little Gems had a wonderful farm visit last week.  Here are some photos to share all the activities they completed.  Thank you to those parents who joined us on the day.

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Little Red Hen

The Little Gems have been learning about the traditional tale the Little Red Hen. We have discussed ideas around working as a team, growing seeds and making bread.  What can your child remember from the story?

People Who Help Us!

We have enjoyed a wide variety of activities over the last few weeks concerning people who help us.  We have chatted to police officers, practised road safety with Mrs Baldwin and discussed ideas about keeping healthy.  Well done Little Gems!


Firefighter Fun!

The Little Gems have been learning about people who help us.  The children have enjoyed making our own station and badges over the last week.  Fireman Sam stories were very popular!